Our Company

Having successfully engaged in trade since 1970, Mr. Arif MUSLUKCU, General Manager of our company, turned towards construction sector in the course of time. Until today, Konizma formed a unique concept thanks to developing itself always with professional  teams and R&D works, production in harmony with science and technology and production of new generation materials without sacrificing quality and reliability. Our company targets are rendering the best service with design of affordable and high quality products for consumers by focusing on changing needs of both customers and market. Mantosur is developed with 10 years Research and Development process in joint-cooperation with the Universities from Turkey and abroad. Nowadays, our product Mantosur is applied in 81 provinces of Turkey and in many European, Asian and African countries. Mantosur which is the pioneer of the insulation industry, has been producing with consciousness of protecting healthy living spaces which next generation needs and being responsible not only for today but also for the future of human being.

Making production with 100% natural and domestic resources in our 10.000 m2 closed area in Konya Industrial Zone with weekly production capacity of 50.000 units of 16 kg. bags; thanks to our 100 employees at our indoor area. Our Company steers its investments towards new factory sites, also planned its own capital for the next generation and accordingly makes prospective investments with firm steps.