Quality Certificates

Building Energy Performance Regulation obliges that new and old buildings have to possess EKB (Energy Performance Certification). Efficient and fruitful consumption of energy resources in buildings and prevention of energy wastage are among the most important purposes thereof. Considering the regulation, we see that good insulation is one of the points required for a better building energy class. Having proven itself with its calorific values and structural properties, Mantosur is your best aid for good insulation.

This certification reflects;
• Minimum energy need required for providing comfort conditions of buildings,
• Classification related to how much energy a building may consume under comfort conditions,
• To which extent energy consumption is provided through renewable energy resources,
• To which extent CO2 and greenhouse gases are released to environment while benefiting from devices used in a building,
• Insulation properties of a building,
• Information related to efficiency of heating/cooling, ventilation and hot sanitary plumbing system by classifying according to reference scale ranging between classes A and G.

Advantages of Mantosur;
• Energy conservation in buildings,
• Its natural environment friendly structure,
• No greenhouse gas emission during its production and usage
• Being long-lasting. Because of these advantages, Mantosur is the most reasonable choice to have a better energy class for buildings.