Decosür Decorative Plaster

Definition: It is an exterior surface coating which is applied and figured with a plastering trowel.

Features: It resists rays of the sun, rain, snow, bad effects of industrial pollution for long years. It is not a coating that direst fast. Decosur ensure full compliance and high adherence onto the surface it applied. Resistant to natural conditions, high steam conductivity. During application It naturally helps to eliminate surface defects.

Usage Areas: On exterior surfaces of all buildings, especially as a last operation on surface Mantosür is applied.

Surface Preparation: When it applied for the first time, dirty and loose texture, swelled or dusty parts on old painted surfaces must be cleaned. It must be applied and undercoat as well, if necessary. If cracks exist, it must be repaired and filled with the last coat.

Application: Single coat is suggested. During application, surface and air temperature should be between 5°C and 35°C. It shouldn’t be applied is Mantosur isn’t dry yet or it’s rainy or under and heavy wind. It is applied with equal layers.

Drying time: About 20 hours at 20 ° C and 60% relative humidity. Full drying time is 3 days.

Consumption: Depending on the state of the surface of about 3 kg / m².

Packaging: 25 kg. kraft bag

Storage: Store in dry and humidity is about 6 months.

Safety Precautions: It is alkaline because of cement based. Rinse splashes on skin or eyes with plenty of water. Store in places out of the reach of children.