Decosur Colored Decorative Coating

Definition: It is an exterior surface coating which is applied and figured with a coral roll. It is a water-based, acrylic copolymer binder. It has a mat looking.

Features: It resists rays of the sun, rain, snow, bad effects of industrial pollution for long years. It in not a coating that dries fast.

Usage Areas: On exterior surfaces of all buildings, especially as a last operation on surface Mantosür is applied.

Surface Preparation: When it applied for the first time, dirty and loose texture, swelled or dusty parts on old painted surfaces must be cleaned. It must be applied and undercoat as well, if necessary. If cracks exist, it must be repaired and filled with the last coat.

Application: Single coat is suggested. During application, surface and air temperature should be between 5°C and 35°C. It shouldn’t be applied is Mantosur isn’t dry yet or it’s rainy or under direct sun light and heavy wind . It is applied with equal layers. It is applied with equal layers. In order to form figures, the roll should be moved to single direction with a certain speed. If tit’s windy or hot, drying will be shorter. So in order to prevent unaesthetic views, one finish able area should be chosen and finished.

Decosür must be mixed until it gets homogeneous.

Decosür must spread everywhere as the same thickness.

While it’s wet, figures can be made by moving the coral roll up and down.

Before application, the coral roll must be satiated with the material.

Not the ruin the figure, the coral roll must not be too full or too dry

Strips must be taken off before the material gets hard

Stated durations are current at 20°C of surface and air. Above it, the time gets shorter, below it, longer.

Required Tools: Roll for exterior surface to spread, coral roll for creating figures.

Thinning/Mixture Rate: Ready to use, no thinning.

Plating Field: Approximately 1-1,5 m²/kg for single coat.

Drying time: ( 20 ° C and 60% relative humidity)1-3 hours.

Storage: Under 5-35°C , in closed packs away from direct sun light, it can be stored for one year.