It is an acrylic-copolymer-based waterproofing material. It has superior features, closed to water transfer when dried, without any addition, forms a strong elastic coating, can be applied easily on any surfaces.

Usage Areas:

Roofs, terraces, balconies, canals, and flumes, wet surfaces under ceramic like baths and wc, concrete, plaster, bricks, tiles, briquettes, gas concrete desired water and moisture proofing.

Features Of İzosür Ultra

İzosür Ultra does Complete waterproofing by impregnation to the surface or joints where it is applied. Since it shows great resistance to dilation, elongation and rupoture when dried, it reduces maintenance cost, allows economic profit

Preparation and Application of İzosür Ultra

İzosür Ultra is half-fluid and easy to apply. Surfaces where it is applied must be dry., clean and cleansed from dust. There must not be loose particles on the surface. İzosür is mixed with a mixer for 1 min., then it is applied as two coats without thinning, waiting 5-6 hours between coats, second coat is to be vertical to the first, with a roll or brush.Appropriate temperature should be between +5°C and +35°C.

Drying Time:

5-6 hours(under 23°C, 50%relative humidity)

Consumption :

Depending on absorptivity and smoothness of the surface, 0,500 kg/m² for two coats.


In its closed package away from direct sun light, under +5°C and +35°C max 1 year.