Why Is Thermal Insulation Needed In Buildings?

To be protected from extremely hot temperature in summer and cold winter.

To get rid of cold areas on the walls and inside the building, to obtain a homogeneous warmth and comfort.

To protect the outer shell and structural units of buildings from high thermal voltages and the destruction of moisture.(Thermal diversity on the outer shell can do voltages and cracking which equals to tons of weight.)

To prevent condensation and to protect waterproofing in terraces from thermal dectruction.

To reduce air pollution, to have savings from fuel and energy expenditures for both heating and cooling(with air conditioners).

To reduce the first investment. With thermal insulation, heat loss and heat cost of the building will decrease. So you will use smaller air conditioners.

To leave natural resources to the next generations by decreasing the consumption.



Definition:  MANTOSUR is developed as an inorganic based material, offering thermal, water, sound, and fire insulation all at the same time. Also,  Breathing feature prevents sweating

The Surfaces that MANTOSUR can be used on: It can perfectly fasten on exterior and interior surfaces on column and beam, rough thick plaster, aerated concrete, gypsum pan, brut concrete and painted surfaces

Surface Preparation: Dust and dirt areas, layers separated from the surfaces like paint, lime, hollow plaster must be cleaned. If there is any cracked and hollow surfaces, they must be cleaned, they must be flattened by filling with a repair mortar. On painting surfaces, it can be directly applied after forming a serrated surface by drawing with nibbling method.

Mixture Method : Firstly, You should put 16 lt water. Later, you can put 16 kg MANTOSUR. Mortarboard have to be clean. You should use 500-600 speed Mixer for homogeneous mixture.  Mantosur is prepared by mixing with a mixer for 4-5 minutes.

Application: To determine the thickness on applied surface, stick can be hammered with appropriate Mantosur is applied with the machine or a steel trowel.

Drying time(basing 23 ̊C %50 relative humidity): First Drying Time: 8 hours. Last Drying Time: 36 hours. Test Drying: 28 day

Consumption: 4,0 +/- %10 kg/m² (for 1cm thickness)

Storage: It must protect direct sunlight and frost between +5 ̊ and +35 ̊. You shouldn't open package, puncture and rend.  Maximal stacked up to 10

Safety warnings: Mantosur is produced from natural components and not harmful to health. Not including carcinogenic substances. Dust mask should be worn during material mix. If eye contact occurs, wash with plenty of water.