Strosur Ready-Made Water Proofing Mortar

It is readymade waterproofing mortar used at single component. Strosür is polymer-based material which has high stickiness and breathing features, does not allow bending and cracking, is highly resistant to heat and does not take fire as a A1 class product.

Locations Strosür Can Be Used on:

Foundations, concrete curtains, terrace and roofs. It can also be used as thin plaster under tiles and on wet grounds in moist buildings open to water. Since the coat Strosür formed after drying show resistance to dilation, elongation and rupture, it reduces maintenance cost, provides economic benefit.

Surface Preparation And Application:

Dust and dirt areas, layers separated from the surface like paint, lime hollow plaster must be cleaned. If there is any cracked and hollow surfaces, they must be flatten by filling with a repair mortar. Since Strosür is ready use, there is no need to add another material before using, just mixing. Strosür is absolutely be applied with a steel trowel. It is applied as 1mm for first coat. Temperature should be between +5°C and +35°C.

Why Is Strosür Necessary?

In order provide long life and healthy conditions for our building we use everyday like houses, schools, hospitals, sport centers, mosques, bridges, public areas, they must be insulated.

To protect our structures from underground water and possible flood danger in rainy regions. Protecting base structures of buildings from water danger is as important as reinforced concrete allowing buildings to stand in years.

In some conditions like rise of underground water level and moisture level after rain, foundations beneath the earth, terrace and roofs of buildings must be protected with waterproofing systems.

Strosür offers excellent protection on foundations, roofs and wet surfaces of buildings in these situations.

Technical Features:


950±50 kg/m³

Heat Conductivity

0,191 W/mK

Pressure Resistance

CS II 2,488 N/mm²

Rupture Resistance

0,50±0,05 N/mm²

Water Resistance

W2 0,188(kg/m²min 0,5)

Fire Resistance

A 1

Sound Absorbation

15 db